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Kamis, 21 April 2011

Cheat engine ameba gold

How to Cheat Ameba gold on Pico

hey guys what i'm going to show you is how to Earn ameba gold !! now here we go (:


1) MoneyBumper

How to get gold?
1) sign up here
2) login, go to home, then scroll down and click "bump it up" 5 times- it takes less than 30 seconds
3) this will get u 10 cents... keep doing this until you have 15 dollars then cash out to a paypal account and use the money from paypal to buy ameba gold ($10 = 1k ameba gold)!!!
4) spend ur ameba gold!! :D
enjoy and tell ur friends.. cus the more friends u tell.. the faster you will get money... btw bump up freepicostuff while ur at it :D --> search free pico stuff in the bar where it says 'search for a website'... thank you

- i know a lot of u guys are like OMG THIS IS GONNA TAKE FOREVER :OO but really.. bumping 5 only takes less than 30 seconds to do.. think of it as just like brushing ur teeth.. make it into a habit and in no time u will really have $15! :D

2) SwagBucks

How to get gold?
1) sign up here
 - Swagbucks is a search to win site, so every time you search with their search engine,you win Swagbucks. It's that easy! -
2) So once you've signed up, go here: follow the instructions to change your default search engine to Swagbucks' search engine. (100% virus free. Swagbucks is a trusted site)
3) Once you've made your default search engine Swagbucks', just go and search as you normally would. Searching more or less doesn't make you win more times. Just search as you would normally.
4) To get Ameba Gold, all you have to do is exchange the swagbucks that you've earned from searching for paypal cash. Then use that to buy Ameba Gold! Enjoy. Search search search!

3) Checkpoints (Facebook only and exclusive for iPhone and Android phones)

How to get gold?
1) First, search for "Checkpoints" in the app store or market (Depending on your phone)
2) When you sign up, put "Eury" as your bonus code. By doing so, you get 100 free checkpoints!
3)Checkpoints is the best shopping app there is out there. All you have to do is go to a nearby store! You check in and earn points! It just takes one touch of a button! Then after that, you can go scan certain products offered in the store with your phone's camera and earn even more points! There's also a lottery and sweepstakes that let you win up too 150,000 checkpoints!
4) Then you use the checkpoints you have to get 200 facebook credits. 200 facebook credits gets you 2000 AMEBA GOLD!!!
5) Enjoy! Don't forget to sign up under "Eury" for the free 100 checkpoints bonus!



#1.Join this page
#2.Go to this page -->
#3.Create A acount (it's Free)
#4.Fill all
#5.Click create free account
#6.Then to this web -->
#7.Sign Up And Click Personal
#8.If Done recommend to your friend 

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